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    Just something to motivate you to do continue improving your skills as a cock sucking whore. I’m sure you don’t want your husband knowing all about the strange man you suck off in your bedroom while he’s away on business.

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    She used to take pictures of herself all the time, on good hair days or when she did her make-up just right. Smiling prettily for the camera, posing and happy. Then she started seeing him, and he started to unlock things about her.

    "Why do you take so many photos of yourself?" He had asked one night, after picking up her phone and going through it.

    "I don’t know. Sometimes it’s just a nice boost of self-esteem to see myself the way others do."

    "Hmm. I don’t think it’s very healthy for you to get a boost in ego without having to do any work for it. What do you think?"

    "I don’t," she replied automatically, remembering what she had (already) been trained to say whenever someone asked her about thinking. "You do all the thinking for me."

    "And I think that all the pictures you take of yourself from now on will have cock or cum in it," he said, beginning to delete all the photos from her phone. "We can start now."

    He grabbed her by the back of her head, unzipped his pants and fed her his cock. He handed her phone back to her.

    "Go ahead, smile pretty. This is how people really see you. You’re just a pretty little cocksucker, and everybody knows it."

    She nodded her head and began snapping photos.

    "Be sure to send one to me, so I can change your contact photo," he said, leaning back.

    Before she knew it, her phone was filled with hundreds of pictures. He had told her to smile (so she always did), but every photo had a cock in her mouth, or her makeup was smeared with spit and cum. That same, vapid smile. She began to really understand and accept what he was trying to teach her.

    She really was prettiest when she was on her knees.

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    The only thing worse than being forcibly put in your place is when he sends her to do it. After all you love the attention, any attention, from your man. Your world revolves around him. But he knows you misbehave because you’re a greedy little cunt who doesn’t know or doesn’t care that what you want doesn’t fucking matter. So he sends his best bitch to remind you and she’s only interested in one thing: reminding you every second of your torment that you are a bottom bitch and nobody wants you for anything but your fucking holes.

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    I could watch this forever.

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    Ready for the auction block

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